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Karakuri-Box Idea Contest from Karakuri Creation Group

<Karakuri-Box Idea Contest from Karakuri Creation Group>
Odawara and Hakone area has had a history of Karakuri for more than 100 years.
Because of that, various works were made for many years, and have been favorites among many people.
It is this local industry, together with Karakuri Creation Group, which pays attention to the mechanisms in the puzzles.
This deepens the culture, as we try to plan the spread of interest in these puzzles, and compete in puzzle festivals.
The goal of The Karakuri box idea contest was to have a Karakuri which encouraged all Japanese to “think about an idea”.
This contest was held for the first time in 2009.
There were many contest applications from all over Japan.
A local craftsman made his production in consultation with a designer.
The craftsman commented, “It was good to be able to make such pleasant work”.

We introduce Winning works of Idea Contest in this page.

Representative work