Osamu Kasho

Fusion of unique form and mechanics

Prior to making Karakuri Boxes, I was making wooden tumble doll and music boxes.
I also have experience making creative musical instruments and accessories.
I desire to make products that have an impact and something lovely to hold in the hands. Based on the combination of wood and the shape of the structure of the widget, it often happens that motifs such as animals float. I cherish playfulness as I work on my products.


1981. Born in Kumamoto Prefecture
2010. Take the work of woodworking in Odawara city
2012. Participated in Karakuri Creation Group
2015. The 8th All Japan Wooden Crafts Competition Silver Award
2016. The 9th All Japan Wooden Crafts Competition Incentive Award
2018. Wooden Crafts Competition Gold Award

Representative work