Akio Kamei

The leader of Karakuri Box.

At first I began creating wooden boxes with the idea of a secret box and then looked for a broader meaning. I gave it the name “Karakuri box” (trick box) rather than the secret box. Finally “Karakuri box” (trick box) was born. The trick box, which is opened by the effort of one person, can’t be opened if that person doesn’t enjoy humor. Someone who has no experience with puzzles or trick boxes, yet has many life experiences, may have the same trouble. Sometimes the knowledge or the experience disturbs his trial. I’m usually thinking about how I can outwit people with my puzzles. I like to think of situations where minds are flooded with creative ways to solve the problem.


1948. Born in Osaka
1972. Worked for Yamanaka Wooden Puzzles
1981. Established Karakuri Yasubei and started creating original trick boxes
1983. Had the Solo exhibition at Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
2011. Inaugurated as chairman of Karakuri Creation Group

Representative work