About "Karakuri Creation Group"

History of Karakuri Creation Group

While Hakone was prospering as a tourist resort with hotsprings, many kinds of souvenirs were created.

As a result, high techniquesand ideas have been designed by many craftsmen who were independent eachother.

Especially wooden interlocking puzzles and traditional secret boxeswhich included a puzzle element, were supported by the public.

There is noplace in the world like Hakone as a puzzle-producing district.

Karakuri Creation Group is a group of craftsmen who are creating moreinteresting and high quality “Trick” things by developing these traditionaltechniques and historical property.

Our main activities

2000 Exhbition at Matsuya-Ginza at Tokyo.
2003 Exhibition at Nagoya Science Museum
2005 Started  Karakuri Club
2006 Exhbition at Matsuya-Ginza at Tokyo. ※It has been held every year since then
2008 Karakuri Puzzle Festa (Helping organize)
2010 International Puzzle Meeting (Helping organize)
2011 Karakuri Puzzle Party in Hakone (Helping organize)
2013 Open the Hakone Karakuri Museum

We have many other exhibitions and events. For more details, please see on Instagram etc.