Yasuaki KikuchiYasuaki Kikuchi
(box body)
92 x 151 x 97 mm
(storage part)
55 x 105 x 20 mm
Material keyaki (zelkova), magnolia, chanchin, walnuts, etc.
This work was produced for the new release of a new work with the theme of "JAPAN".
I used motifs of shrines and torii gates that are familiar to us since our childhood.
The is not difficult to open, but allows you to enjoy the movement when it is opened.
The torii gate of the shrine serves as a landmark or gate that says, "This is a sacred area from here."
Also, you will often see many torii gates lined up, which means that they are lined up as much as they are dedicated, according to the number of wishes and thank-you of the people who come to visit.

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