Yasuaki KikuchiYasuaki Kikuchi
(box body)
(storage part)
Material maple, beech, mizuki (dogwood), katsura, etc.
This work was designed for an exhibition with the theme, “Karakuri Experiments”.
How are you all doing during these Corona virus days?
In the face of the plague, people once painted on the walls, carved sculptures, built monuments, built the Great Buddha and prayed.
How can we possibly prevent a pandemic? How do we eradicate the disease?
Daily, there is new information, individual self-restraint, suspicion, sympathetic pressure, division...
The everyday life in front of us, which has changed completely, is like an experimental site for the entire earth.
I wonder if we are being tested on something?
As a karakuri box craftsman I can make a karakuri box.
And just like the lathe that spins round and round I can turn my daily pandemic frustration into humor and just laugh about it.
With ingenuity, patience and trial and error, things will return to normal with a little adjustment. If we overcome it, surely we will have a bright future.
With that in mind I made this box.

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