Jigsaw Cube 2 -Arrow-


Hideaki KawashimaHideaki Kawashima
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ITEM KW-33-5,6,7
(box body)
(storage part)
Material American black cherry, magnolia, maple, purple heart, keyaki (zelkova), rose wood.
I improved the design of Jigsaw Cube 2, which I presented in 2017.
The previous version was decorated with collapsed hexagons, but the change to an arrow shape has increased the appeal of the piece.
However, with this change, the number of bevels and the difficulty to work with increased dramatically.
In the 15 years since I started making karakuri boxes, I have mobilized all the skills, knowledge and tools I have acquired to produce this piece.
Some changes have also been made to the internal structure.
The puzzle is not difficult. Please enjoy the fluid movement.

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