Ring Box 2-2


Hideaki KawashimaHideaki Kawashima
(box body)
(storage part)
Material purple heart, maple, keyaki (zelkova), cloth
This is an improved version of the 2013 Christmas present.
It has been redesigned to emphasize the trick.
The lid can be easily removed. However, the goal of this box is to get the ring out of the box.
This is the smallest number of movements among the karakuri boxes I have made, but I think it helps to break the ice when a couple meets for the first time.

It features an inlay of two intertwined finger rings on the top panel.
They are not pasted on the surface, but carved into the surface by about 0.5mm.
This is a design that I have been wanting to make since 2013, when I released my first ring box (KW-17). Now I have finally achieved it.

***Please do not use any other ring than the one provided, as it may cause damage to the mechanism or ring.
***If the humidity is high, the mechanism will not work smoothly.

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