Bars Box Ⅲ Tiger pattern


Hideaki KawashimaHideaki Kawashima
ITEM KW-38-2
(box body)
(storage part)
Material keyaki (zelkova), wendge, magnolia
This is a different pattern of the Bars Box III presented in September 2019.
The internal structure has been improved.
In the previous version, the structure called "bar" (kan-nuki) was white and purple and easy to distinguish, but this time I made it tiger-patterned so that it cannot be easily distinguished at a glance.
Please try to tame the wild tiger.
Since the Oriental zodiac sign for the year 2022 is the tiger, I planned to present this work at the beginning of the year.
It took a lot more work than I had imagined, and it took quite a long time to announce it.

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