Shishi-odoshi Box


Daiki ArimuraDaiki Arimura
(box body)
102 x 132 x 155 mm
(storage part)
74 x 41 x 54 mm
Material American black cherry, walnut, magnolia, Japanese walnut, ancient keyaki (zelkova), bamboo
This work was produced for the new release of a new work with the theme of "JAPAN".
It is an automaton karakuri box that reproduces *Shishi-odoshi.
Shishi-odoshi, is a device powered by water, which fills bamboo tube and then pivots down hard to empty, making a loud clacking sound against a stone.
Shishi-odoshi was originally created as a device to frighten wildlife animals such as deer and boars that ravage fields.
Nowadays, it is installed in Japanese gardens to enjoy it's charm and elegance.
You can enjoy the movement and sound of Karakuri Shishi-odoshi by turning the handle.
It reproduced the time when water is accumulating in the bamboo cube.
Even if you turn the handle many times, it will not start moving immediately.
You'll have so much fun spinning that you will almost forget to untie the contraption.
The contraption is very simple. It is a work that kills two birds with one stone.
You will enjoy both, the sound of Shishi-odoshi and Karakuri box at once.

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