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ITEM CO-15-1
(box body)
80 x 117 x 154 mm
(storage part)
1side18 x regular octagon x 110 mm
Material keyaki (zelkova), maple, mizuki (dogwood), magnolia
This is a karakuri box in the shape of a beer mug.
The bubbles are about to overflow.
In the original idea, there was only one beer mug,
but we decided that two would be more appropriate.
This doubled the number of pieces to be made and required a lot of ingenuity
to make in a short time.
It is a very simple piece. Please use it as a communication tool rather than a puzzle.
Please note that it is not as strong as glass.
Now let's have a mug…

Original idea by Misuzu Oose
Hand-crafted by Hideaki Kawashima (Karakuri Creation Group)

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