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ITEM CO-13-5
(box body)
(storage part)
Material magnolia, walnut, maple, keyaki (zelkova)
Roses bloom and butterflies fly to collect nectar.
Such a scene of the landscape that is somehow fascinating has been made into a Karakuri Item.
It is made of upper and lower halves, and the drawer is locked.
Strategically use the rose petals and the butterfly to unlock the drawer.
If you could shift the upper half 1 cm to the side, you are successful.
Some people who get used to Karakuri turn the item upside down to unlock it.
But we also added an additional lock to this work. Good luck!
This work was produced by Karakuri Creation Group’s craftsmen, from aselected idea of “13th Karakuri Puzzle Idea Contest”.

Original idea by Takeshi Iijima
Hand-crafted by Hiroshi Iwahara (Karakuri Creation Group)

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