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ITEM CO-11-3
(box body)
(storage part)
Material walnut, keyaki(zelkova), maple, stainless steel plate and rod
Trumpet fingering and Karakuri are combined inthis item. In the proposal, there was only a trumpet. But a case was addedto make a full-scale mechanism. Solve the Karakuri and open the drawerthat is in the case. There are only 3 buttons that can be operated. Themechanics of the trumpet that can make all sounds with just those 3buttons is amazing and is like a puzzle. There is no actual sound. But,try this item as you actually play trumpet on the scale.
This work was produced by Karakuri Creation Group’s craftsmen, from aselected idea of “11th Karakuri Puzzle Idea Contest”.

Original idea by Togo Tsukamoto
Hand-crafted by Hiroshi Iwahara (Karakuri Creation Group)

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