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ITEM CO-10-3
(box body)
(storage part)
Material cherry, oak, maple, ancient ash, walnut
This work is in the image of a Japanese traditionaldevice called, "Katsuobushi kezuriki". It is a dried bonito-fish shaver. Even the blade of the Japanese carpenter's plane is made from wood, yet itlooks so realisitc. How do you shave the Katsuobushi? The solution isslighty difficult. Katsuobushi (dried bonito) is a part of mechanism. This work was produced by Karakuri Creation Group’s craftsmen, from aselected idea of “10th Karakuri Puzzle Idea Contest”.
*Dried bonitoshaver (Katsuobushi kezuriki) This implement, which was originallyconverted from a carpenter's plane, had a small box in which the blade waspositioned upward, and the small box had a drawer from where the shavedkatsuobushi pieces were removed.

Original idea by Kinya Matsunaga
Hand-crafted by Osamu Kasho (Karakuri Creation Group)

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