Memory box

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ITEM CO-10-1
(box body)
(storage part)
Material maple, magnolia, cherry, padauk, keyaki(zelkova), rosewood, walnut
This is a new “memory type” item. There are fourbuttons on the top. They are the key to the drawer. When you push thebuttons in the correct combination, you can open the drawer. However, thiskey combination can also be reset to a new locking combination. The lastcombination you used when closing the drawer will become the newcombination lock. Using only 4 buttons you can create up to 16 differentcombination locking codes. This item is interesting and easy to play. Canyou imagine the type of mechanism used?
This work was produced by Karakuri Creation Group’s craftsmen, from aselected idea of “10th Karakuri Puzzle Idea Contest”.

Original idea by Yosuke Tanaka
Hand-crafted by Hiroshi Iwahara (Karakuri Creation Group)

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