5 times 5 times 5 (red sandalwood)


Hiroshi IwaharaHiroshi Iwahara
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ITEM RF-67-2
(box body)
(storage part)
Material birch, red sandalwood
This work was designed for an exhibition that is "GO". It also means “5”. This item has 5 times 5 times 5 moves. It has 125 moves. It’s one of the Aquarius series items. #6 plate opens in 1 step, and others open in 3 steps. Finally, the #1 plate will be taken off. Well, in fact, the move of this item is “2 to the 7th power minus 3”, not “5 to the 3rd power”. What does it mean? If you are interested, please reference the notes for fun on the craftsman’s website. (Sorry, only in Japanese for now)

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