Link Type Box(Basic)


Hiroshi IwaharaHiroshi Iwahara
(box body)
82×82×82mm(Except Yosegi)
(storage part)
Material magnolia, senn(castor aralia), metal pin
Confetto Box (RF-39) was developed systematically. A different maze was madeon the same structure. The top links with the 4 sides. The bottom is thelid. The 4 side plates work with each other. The movement is only openingand closing, with no relation between the opposite sides, and only the topand sides link. In order to achieve these movements, I arrived at thesedesigns.

Among the Link Type Box series, this has the most basic movement. Irecommend this design to beginners. When you move the four side plates in order to make a round, you have accomplished the goal. Of course, the topplate links, so it can’t be easy. You will be able to taste the realpleasure of Link Type well enough though. The total number of steps takes13, and the extracted number of side movemenst is 4. Dare to say, this is akind of “Straight Type”.

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