Post Type Money Bank (remake)

(box body)
82 X 82 X 188 mm
(storage part)
Material magnolia, camphor tree, old keyaki, others
This is a remake of a work that is called "Post Type Money Bank". The original one is the oldest work that has a mechanism of Secret Box, as faras we know. According to the surface Yosegi, we are sure that it was produced before 1907 (Meiji 40). Yosegi style looks like Suruga Works. Ithas 5 move, and the way is unusual. There is a slot at the back of the eaves. You need to open the Secret Box to take out the money. Yosegi was made by Hakone Craftsmen (Hamamatsuya). At the investigation of the original work, Hatajyuku-Yosegikaikan, and James Youngblood helped us. (Reference:KARAKURI Works in Hakone & Odawara (KB-2), cover and page 6)

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