Osamu KashoOsamu Kasho
(box body)
90 x 90 x 51 mm
(storage part)
35 x 65 x 17 mm
Material walnut, magnolia, chanchin, wendge, maple
This work was produced for the new release of a new work with the theme of "JAPAN".
At the top of the box, I made a colorful and beautiful pattern, consisting of tricolor triangles.
It looks symmetrical but if you look closer, it is not.
The characteristic of the pattern looks unbalanced.
Of course, the pattern has an important meaning in unraveling the gimmicks.
If you can move three steps, a shape will appear that is related to the NINJA in the title.
So how do you move three steps? Please enjoy the pattern that changes with each move.
And the shape that appears on the top of the box will give you a hint on how to move it to open the front drawer.
In addition, the drawer does not even have a knob to pinch. So how do you open it?
Due to the design, the storage space is small.
This is often the case with Karakuri boxes that need space for gimmicks.
Why don't you put a small secret letter or something else for the person who will be able to open it?
Please enjoy your unique way of wanting to open this box again and again.

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