Ripple out Special


Osamu KashoOsamu Kasho
ITEM OS-17-2,3,4,5,6,
(box body)
(storage part)
No storage part. There is theglass art in a drawer.
Material walnut, sono keling, maple
“Ripple out” collaborated with glass artist Kristin Newton.
Real treasure will show up when this Karakuri boxis opened.
Glasses melt 700~800℃, and this glass art made by fusing many glass pieces.
Kristin creates her artpieces one by one from her inspiration. Each glass piece is justone-of-a-kind.
I made special designed Ripple out box for her beautiful glass, used special layer of woods for top board and special front board of drawer.
It is not a box for something but please enjoy this as a “Movable art piece”, combined Karakuri box and beautiful glass art.
This mechanism is same as “Ripple out”.

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