Yoh KakudaYoh Kakuda
ITEM KY-43-3
(box body)
51.5 x 121 x 75 mm
(storage part)
16.5 x 44 x 22 mm
Material shiuri cherry, magnolia, mizuki (dogwood)
Rabbits can't lie down slowly because of the structure of their legs.
Wild rabbits don't have much chance to lie down, but a domestic rabbit is different.
They do something called, “SUPER GORON” in Japanese, when they are in a place where they can really relax.
But seeing them do this behavior can be a bit of a shock.
They don’t even care if that makes us worried!
Please don’t bother them while they are relaxing.

This is a remake of KY-43 "SUPER GORON". ("GORON" means lie down.) 
The size has become smaller. The opening method is almost the same.

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