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Yoh KakudaYoh Kakuda
(box body)
72×87×75 mm
(storage part)
37.5×22.5×12 mm
Material keyaki (zelkova), ancient katsura, Japanese torreya
Even though it’s your spot, your cat likes the same place and is too comfortable to move for you. You should give up that place and quickly find another before your tea gets cold.
Well, even if you can't enjoy your place, you can still enjoy opening the box.
The material used is commonly known as "red zelkova," which is considered to be of high quality.
The heartwood (the part near the center of the tree) of red zelkova is said to be red or yellow in color. The annual rings are narrower and the wood is considered less prone to deviations.
From the same piece of wood, I created sofas in a variety of colors, including beautiful reds and yellows and their gradations.
Please enjoy the individual coloring of each piece.

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