Early Japanese Export Puzzles (Japanese)

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A4 size, all color, 26 page (28 page including the covers) Printed and Filed by Karakuri Creation Group
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This booklet is about the history of the many puzzles exported from Japan to the United States etc. from the 1860s to the 1960s (representative of "Karakuri" such as a gift box, set tree, secret box etc.) and the translation of related documents. Detailed research was based on Mr. Jerry Slocum's extensive collection and old literature, in addition to many other interesting sources. There are plenty of pictures to enjoy, however, the text is written only in Japanese. //Original: Early Japanese Export Puzzles 1860s to 1960s // Written: Jerry Slocum and Rik van Grol //Translation: Karakuri Creation Group Cooperator of Translation: Naoaki Takashima

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