Fuji chest


Akio KameiAkio Kamei
ITEM F-15-4
(box body)
(storage part)
Material cherry, etc.
This work is part of the “seasons” collection of Karakuri Chest of Drawers.
The first work was "Cherry Blossom" for spring, the secondwas "Autumn Leaves" for fall, the third was "Renka" for summer, and thisfourth work is "Fuji" for winter. Three craftsmen were responsiblefor producing this: Akio Kamei was in charge of the karakuri trick,Katsuhito Uchida was in charge of making the main body of the chest, and Tomoko Hasuo was responsible for the marquetry. Hints for solving the puzzle are interspersed through out the picture of the inlay. All butone place will be opened at any time.

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