The Shrinking Box

ITEM CS-5-1,2,3
(box body)
120x80x60 mm
(storage part)
Material walnut, magnolia, etc.
Karakuri Creation Group is creating "Creative Secret Box Series". We aim to develop "Secret Box" that is one of the Hakone Works. Please enjoy the world of "Creative Secret Box".
I think the motion of Traditional Secret Box is "to outside". Now, I was aware of a new motion that is "to inside". Thisbox shrinks, or make the size smaller. I think the motion is the first motion for us. In the motion this is the opposite of "M & W". To say about the quantity ofthe shrink, it was the limit for me this time. If the new idea can be found, the next one which shrinks more and morewill be created. These three boxes are the same in the mechanism.

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