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ITEM CO-15-2
(box body)
112 x 67 x 65 mm
(storage part)
31 x 34 x 41 mm
Material oak, magnolia, keyaki (zelkova), walnut, chanchin
Several types of wood are used on the surface of the box,
and the ladder-like pattern is called an amidakuji.
By moving the device, the lottery result will change greatly.
Can you find a combination that makes each line go to the correct destination
from among the many patterns?

*What is Amidakuji?
It is a fun decision making lottery-type activity. Vertical lines are drawn for each participant with horizontal lines between the parallel lines to form a ladder. Each person chooses his line to follow in a ladder pattern down to the bottom where the prize or result is revealed.

Original idea by Takeshi Iijima
Hand-crafted by Sho Sugimoto (Karakuri Creation Group)

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