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ITEM CO-10-4
(box body)
(storage part)
Material magnolia, cherry, oak, walnut, etc.
This was a bold and unique idea. As the mountainmoves the mirror image of Mt. Fuji appears on the surface of the lake. Therefore, this represents a 3-D model of Hakone or, "Diorama of Hakone". This product uses many of the same ideas and techniques that I’ve used inchest making so far. The final product turned out to be a fun Karakuribox.
This work was produced by Karakuri Creation Group’s craftsmen, from aselected idea of “10th Karakuri Puzzle Idea Contest”.

Original idea by Osamu Kadono
Hand-crafted by Akio Kamei, Yoh Kakuda (Karakuri Creation Group)

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