Tricolor Box


Hiroshi IwaharaHiroshi Iwahara
(box body)
114 x 76 x 61 mm
(storage part)
42 x 17 x 17 mm
Material walnut, magnolia, maple, padauk, wendge, acrylic board
Another name is "combination drawer". There are three moving boards, each with colors in a different order. Open it by using the combinations of colors. The drawers also have 3 colors. You already know how to open them, right?
It is based on "Three color DANGO" (RF-26), but a new gimmick was required to open the drawers completely straight. All the three moving plates give commands to lock or unlock for all three drawers.
Can you imagine what kind of mechanism would make this possible? The mechanism itself may be more interesting than the way it opens.
Oh, the only person who can see the mechanism is the craftsman!

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