Sharp Roof House


Hiroshi IwaharaHiroshi Iwahara
(box body)
(storage part)
Material maple, padauk, magnolia, cotton velvet
An action of the development of “House Collection” Series started. Themotifs are houses and buildings. The aim is new style Karakuri box that issuitable to display or to put treasure inside. Basically, the Karakuridevice is hidden in the design. This is a suggestion about new direction ofKarakuri products. And, these items image “TAKUMI-KAN” that is a shop ofwooden items in Odawara.

This is the sixth item of House Collection. To say about Karakuri Box, whenwe got a new idea, we sometimes can not know how difficult to open it is forcustomers before making. How will the degree of the delicate tightness ofthe device influence it? How does the customers hold the box naturally?After all, we can not know it until we finish making. This item became oneof such items.    

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