Byway Secret 3 (walnut, yellow-wave)


Hiroshi IwaharaHiroshi Iwahara
ITEM RF-11-2
(box body)
(storage part)
Material walnut, yosegi (yellow color)
It's also a Byway Secret 3 that has different color, and samemechanism. As the material Walnut is heavier than previous Katsura, it looks solid. It took enough time from the announcement of this Byway Secret 3, I'll explain about the inside of this box, you can find Yosegi inside. The Japanese name "Ura-Himitsu-Bako". "ura" has another meaning and it's "inside out", in addition to"byway". Like this, the mechanism of the box is "iside out" style, and the surface pattern is also "insaide out" style. You can see "Koyosegi" inside Byway Secret 3 (katsura), and you can see "wave (blue-sea-wave)" inside Bway Secret 3(walnut). Though the color of the wave is yellow. ("blue" is just the name) The yellow color is shine in the quiet walnut color.

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