The fisherman’s wish


Yoh KakudaYoh Kakuda
(box body)
(storage part)
Material walnut, ancient katura, lacquer tree, magnolia, mizuki (dogwood), katsura
There is a tale that has been told around the town for a long time.
“On the night of a new moon, in the darkness of the sky, a big golden fish jumps out of the sea and into the midnight sky.
  At that time, it is said to drop a few golden scales.
The fish can see where the scales are going and follows its path with its eyes but that is all.
  If you follow its line of sight, you might be able to get your hands on some scales.
It is said that those who wear the scales will be protected from bad luck even if they leave the town.”
The fisherman eagerly waits for the chance to catch some scales and have good luck for someone else's departure.

(This is a drawer box with a simple mechanism. I hope you enjoy the view.)

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