Planet with a Ring Ⅱ


Hideaki KawashimaHideaki Kawashima
ITEM KW-28-3
(box body)
(storage part)
Material oak, keyaki (zelkova), maple, magnolia, cherry, walnut
This Karakuri box is based on a planet with a ring. The ring is in the way and the lid will not open, but it does not require any force to remove the ring. Please wrack your brain and think of a solution. There is enough space for the finger ring.
The strength of the internal structure has been improved since it was made in 2017.
The shape of the display stand has also been changed. The display stand is painted with beeswax.
As a side note, on March 23, 2025, the rings of Saturn will be almost invisible due to the tilt of Saturn and the position of the Earth.
In this piece, the grain of the rings is made to look beautiful; six parts are joined together from a single board to create this look. Please take a look at it from a direct horizontal view.

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