Popping Up

ITEM CS-3-1,2,3
(box body)
140 x 80 x 70 mm
(storage part)
Material walnut, magnolia, etc.
Karakuri Creation Group is creating "Creative Secret Box Series". We aim to develop "Secret Box" that is one of the Hakone Works. Please enjoy the world of "Creative Secret Box".
This is a new Secret Box that has "Popping Up" mechanism. We can't find the mechanism on traditional Secret Box. It has 5 movements to open, though it's depends on how to count. When you open a plate, you need to pay attention to the direction of thebox. And also how to hold the box. When you try to open, the previous plate often closes almost automatically. Previously, Mr. Atsushi Katagiri and Hideto Sato created "Mechanism Box 98" together. This "Popping Up" has almost same mechanism as the work. Only some simple devices were added. These three boxes are the same in the mechanism.

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